hill start assist not available

Most of the roads and terrains, in general, these days are steep and inclined at a certain angle. Making your vehicle pass over it without specific controls may not be a safe option to consider. The Hill Start Assist is a feature found in cars that helps them climb inclined regions with ease and security. The devices set in the car sense the inclination and measure the angle to help you get over the topography with simplicity.

However, A significant issue being faced by drivers is the Hill Start assist being unavailable during their drive up a slope, causing them major inconvenience. The Hill Start Assist OFF Light illuminates, signaling the driver the Hill Start Assist has deactivated. 

If you are one of them, this article is for you. 

Don’t worry; we have got your back. Please read this article to learn how to relaunch your hill start assist feature and keep it up and running for many hilly rides.

Why Does The Hill Start Assist Become Unavailable?

It is hard to underline any significant causes why the Hill Start Assist is not functional.

Some reasons why this could happen are mentioned below.

The Hill Start Assist not available notification pops up when a problem is detected in one of the Hill Start Assist sensors, and a corresponding code has been set. This code can be stored in different modules depending on which sensor is faulty- the code is stored in the module that governs the non-functional sensor. Hence, the code can be stored in ABS, PCM, TCM, or RCM modules.

Broken Brake Light Fuse

One of the reasons why the hill start assist might not be working can be the blown fuse of the brake lights. The brakes are pressurized during the hill start assist activation, and hence the brake lights are turned on. So, if one of the parts in this cycle is not working, the whole system could collapse.

Possessing an OBD Port 

Having a data reader in place in your OBD port may also count as one of the reasons why your Hill Start Assist is not working.

What Can Be Done to Make Hill Start Assist Work?

There isn’t a very formal instructed method on how to overcome this situation. Nevertheless, some of the below-mentioned tricks and techniques can be tried and put to use to reactivate Hill Start Assist.

Restart the car 

Sometimes, restarting the car does the trick. Turning the engine off and on again resets the entire car mechanism and overcomes minor and temporary issues and problems. The Hill Start Assist unavailable notification may go away, and the system may start to function as expected.

Rebooting the System 

If the problem persists, it is suggested to take the car to the service center, where the mechanic reboots the whole system or reformat the system through the ECU present below the steering wheel using the software that runs it and fixes the problem.

Turning The hill, start Assist Off. 

If the other methods fail to work, you can finally switch off the Hill Start Assist feature. Recommended only at the time when everything else is up to no good, this is not the best solution since the feature is highly needed and required while driving up hills.

Why Do You Need Hill Start Assist?

What a hill assist does is that it prevents your car from rolling back while it is climbing an incline and does not increase the traction of the tires. The feature does this by holding the brakes so the driver can switch between the brake and accelerator pedals smoothly. Some updated or different versions of this feature also prevent your car from rolling forward when driving down an incline.

The sensors present in the car know when you are up an incline and maintain the pressure on the brakes while exchanging places of your foot from the brake onto the accelerator. Once this has been done, the brakes are released. 

Hence, the hill start assists, a great feature that helps you up slopes safely and efficiently prevents your car from tumbling down and crashing. 

To engage the hill start assist, you must be on an inclination and press the brake. Cars like ecosport and other bigger cars can turn off Hill Start Assist, while in some others, the feature remains on all the time as long as you do not encounter the Hill Assist Not Available problem.


The Hill Start Assist is a feature of great value and practical use to the car. It gives you a secure feeling, and you can drive tension free on steep terrains without worrying that your car might slip off any second if you stop it on an incline. The problem embedded in the hill start assist option, which flashes the hill start assist not available option, can be sorted out using the methods mentioned earlier, and you can have your hill assistant coming back to normal and working like magic- helping you scale those tough-looking terrains constructed at large angles.


Q) Does the Hill Start Assist aid the movement on every incline, regardless of the terrain and inclination angle?

No. The Hill Start Assist starts functioning after the sensors detect the inclination of a certain angle. Below that angle, the Hill Start Assist does not engage. 

The Hill Start Assist may not be able to perform its best functions on slippery terrains like icy or snowy roads.

Q) Do all new cars have a Hill Start Assist feature?

Almost all cars manufactured nowadays come with the Hill Start Assist feature. Some cars having this feature are:- Kia Seltos, Skoda Kodiaq, Tata Nexon, Mahindra Thar, and Volkswagen Taigun.

Q) How long does the Hill Start Assist hold the brake pedal?

The Hill Start Assist gives the driver a window of 3 seconds to shift their foot from the brakes to the accelerator. After 3 seconds, the car starts to descend on its own.